‘Wreaths of LUV’ offers volunteer outlet for young people during the holidays

The work we do is newsworthy, and word is spreading across Chicago and beyond. Catch up on media coverage that features our students, teachers/trainers, and thought leadership.

LUV Institute’s special holiday project Wreaths of LUV was featured on WGN-TV. Watch the video coverage here!

LUV Institute Executive Director Cosette Nazon-Wilburn’s responded to a proposed ordinance that would make it a crime for a parent or legal guardian to “willfully or knowingly” allow a minor to engage in offenses such as panhandling, underage drinking and curfew violations, imposing fines ranging from $1000 to $5000. “This approach could, in fact, exacerbate the social, emotional and economic circumstances that are driving these errant behaviors.” Read the Chicago Sun-Times article here!

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