Growing Competency. Fostering Resiliency. Fueling Success

Since 2013 the Love, Unity & Values (LUV) Institute has been working with underserved youth with a mission to inspire hope and empower them with economic opportunities while building resiliency and social-emotional competencies.

The impact of long-term poverty and violence on our neighborhoods is clear. What is not so evident is how their harmful influence affects our youth.

While many are familiar with some of the challenges we can see – gun violence, increased dropout rates, financial insecurity, high unemployment, racism, gang involvement, incarceration, drug addiction, dependence on welfare, homelessness, and hunger – there is a long-term effect on young men and women of color. Addressing these hidden challenges is critical if we are to help our youth not only survive but thrive.

The LUV Institute recognizes these adversities can lead to deficiencies that make it hard for youth to succeed. Training in practical skills is essential, but it is not enough; so, we don’t stop there.​

To mitigate the legacy of poverty and violence, we also empower youth with the social-emotional competencies they need to create buffers against the effects of trauma and emerge healthier with brighter futures. These protective factors, coupled with practical skills, can improve academic performance and preparedness for sustained employment, creating a pathway to economic self-sufficiency.