We are dedicated to helping our young people of color thrive and are blessed to support them on their journey of healing, growth, and success. Please read on to learn about our mission, vision, and values.


To apply a restorative and social-emotional approach to college and career readiness for young people of color who have experienced trauma


To see young people of color thrive in their lives, careers, and communities


  1. Lead with Love
    We believe in embracing people with love, compassion, and respect so that we can collectively thrive. As a caregiving organization, we work to understand the diverse experiences, perspectives, aspirations, and needs of each person while creating safe spaces designed to promote dialogue and healing. In our spaces, we assume best intent, act as positive role models, and incorporate practices to ensure that others feel seen, heard, and cared for. Everything we do at LUV starts with love.
  2. Uplift with Service
    Remarkable things can happen when we devote ourselves to the service of young people of color who have experienced trauma. Helping them unlock their limitless power and potential is our calling and privilege. When developing, delivering, and evaluating our programs, the people we serve are the priority. This means adapting our services to meet different learning styles and readiness points, uplifting the voices of our community through creative expression, and carefully considering how our choices affect others.
  3. Operate with Integrity
    Operating with integrity is not only about leaning into our moral compass for what we do but equally, if not more importantly, how we do it. It involves delivering on the promises we make, reflecting on the actions we take, and holding ourselves accountable for the ways we advance our mission. Daily, we summon the courage to call each other in for courageous conversations, ask critical questions, and aim for excellence in how we care for each other and those we serve. We conduct ourselves in this manner to build trust through transparency.
  4. Grow with Purpose
    Doing what has always been done will only take us as far as where we have already gone. This is why we prioritize continuous learning, strategic growth, and collaboration to produce outcomes that meet the needs of our youth. Our dedication to restoring and transforming the lives of others is conveyed in our program participants’ boost of confidence, the expansion of skills and competencies, and the creation of pathways to academic and career advancement. Ultimately, we want those who engage with LUV to leave better than they came.

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