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Wreaths of LUV

For the last five (5) years, students from the Journey to My Better Self Entrepreneurship Program have been making fresh wreaths for the holidays. Through their business entrepreneurship course, they developed a model allowing them to raise their own holiday income which they use to purchase gifts and necessity items. Last year, in addition to their standard holiday wreaths, students partnered with Special Service Areas 41, 47, and 56 to display wreaths on light and pedestrian poles.

Wreaths of LUV were featured in local newspapers, Hyde Park Herald and The Chicago Citizen, and received media coverage from ABC News 7, and Columbia College’s Metro Minutes.

Thanks to all of the community support and contributions, the Wreath of LUV Program continues to be huge.

Parade of Hearts (POH) Project

Parade of Hearts (POH) Project

The Parade of Hearts (POH) Project is a community-based initiative that illuminates a pathway in which people can envision a new normal and bring healing to communities using artistic expression. The POH art installation will feature ten (10) five-foot fiberglass hearts designed by community members working with local artists. This restorative initiative will be a driving force for implementing change and transformation in predominately minority communities experiencing the greatest hardship. For more information, click here.

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Know Your Rights

The LUV Institute has been appointed by 4th Ward Alderman Sophia King to lead the “Know Your Rights” campaign in an effort to inform community members about their rights. As a part of this initiative, we have partnered with First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA). It is a non-profit organization that provides attorneys to protect the rights of individuals who have been placed in the custody of the Chicago Police Department.

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LUV Fest 2019

Hosted on July 20, 2019, the LUV Fest was a free one-day neighborhood festival that provides a common ground for peace where community members, police officers, and artists of different cultures and beliefs, collaborate through art.

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Peace Pact 2018

Hosted in 2018, the Peace Pact project was a motivational signage campaign meant to inspire “radical hospitality” in the Bronzeville community.

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