Below is a list of LUV’s upcoming events, programs, and workshops. For registration information, call 773-624-5200 or send an email inquiry to

The Clinical Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

The CNA Program educates youth and young adults (ages 16-24) who have an interest in delivering excellent healthcare. Conducted in partnership with the Nirvana Institute, the five-week program helps students acquire the skills, education, and experience needed to provide competent and quality healthcare in various settings. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, hands-on clinical training, and supervised practical experience in a local hospital or healthcare facility. All fees are paid by LUV Institute.

Upcoming CNA sessions in 2024 are from:

  • May 13th to June 15th
  • June 17th to July 20th
  • July 22nd to August 24th
  • August 26th to September 28th
  • September 30th to November 2nd
  • November 4th to December 13th

LUV Institute’s Summer Employment

June 21st to August 1st (Monday to Thursday)

Designed for youth and young adults ages 16-24, this six-week program offers classes in leadership, media training, entrepreneurship, and racial healing. Another great part? Students get paid to learn. That’s right – learn, grow, and earn.

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