Teaming up with after school matters we’ve created a media program for youth to experience a different outlook on the background of programming. There are many educated people that are in this program dedicating their time to see us prevail.This helps the youth gain confidence in themselves. This program wants to also target everyone’s talent, finding out what everyone is interested in, and teaching them to increase their talents. Most young people feel media and working with the cameras is all that media brings to the table. This led to the LUV Institute putting in an effort to bring out every young person’s full potential. Their goal is to have us make an online and magazine. We created a show called Strong Wise and Young ( S.W.A.Y) T.V. We were all placed in a role, director, producer, make up artist. etc. This will give them the opportunity to take on a responsibility that mimics what the real world is like.This program gives young people the opportunity to look at the world in a different view. It taught us to have more maturity, patience, and confidence. We strive for those cherishing moments, and moments that builds our character. Above gives you an idea of those moments we’ve created along our journey to better ourselves. Six weeks of fun, work, dedication,and creativity.Also a time to develop skills that can unlock the doors to a successful future.

  • Before I started this program, I did not feel that I had the potential to become a doctor. With the help of the adults that supported me, I now believe I have the confidence to do so. I always knew I could push myself, but I never knew how to unlock my full ability to motivate myself. This program makes me so excited to go to school and learn so many things. It makes me proud to say I am confident in who I am. I’m also a sensitive person. With me being the director of S.W.A.Y., I had to learn how to be strong. I took my sensitivity and turned it into power. A woman name Laveta Moore taught me that If I want to succeed in life I need to learn how to be strong and direct with what I want. Ever since she told me that I make the best decisions for me. Not only did I grow but I gained a family as well. This program is really a journey to the better me.

    – Jessica Marie Pope

  • One of my biggest goals is to have more confidence. So far, while being in this program I’ve learned that patience, time , devotion , your speech, and listening to others are some very important qualities you need to have in any situation. Even though you need all of these things to better yourself as an individual, you also need teamwork. I felt that this experience was one of my best because it feels amazing being around others that have many bright ideas just like you. I love how we’re able to feed off of each others energy and make not even the best things come into the light . Learning how to cope with my anger issues is also one of my big challenges. Coming from a negative neighborhood was more so of the bad influence on my attitude. I want to grow a proactive attitude and learn how to never be reactive to any bad situation. Thank you to the whole SWAY team.

    – Adrienne King

  • Before the program began I thought perhaps my destiny was to become an artist, the thought of considering a career in journalism or television media had never arose in my mind until I began this program. In my life I have always had an interest in comparative literature and have wanted to study it at the collegiate level. It was one of the few summer programs that could combine my love of critical theory, art history, art, foreign language, literature, and fashion into one major area. In this program I was able to develop my use of language and learn more about who I am. Before it started, I was rather shy and did not have much confidence in myself due to my insecurity with my sexuality. These last few weeks have truly been a journey to a better self for my life and my future. I now realize that I can follow my passion and study foreign languages and arts from other cultures, and with determination as well as focus I can pave a future for myself in whatever industry I choose to enter. The mentors in this program have helped me understand who I am as a person and have better my skill sets. My teammates, who I had the pleasure to work with, have benefited me socially and scholarly, they are people that I am happy to call my friends. Through the LUV Institute I was able to learn more about myself as well as develop relationships with people that are all strong, wise, and young.

    – Lamar Gayles

  • To begin with, I was one of those teens just like you guys, and had no direction on where I was going after high school . I just knew that I played basketball, and was trying to find a scholarship to fall back on. But here in the After School Matters program “Luv Institute” I was able to channel my abilities and focus on something new. I found out I have a passion for broadcasting and being in front of the camera. I’ve received plenty of good criticism and even feedback that I have reflected on. I put what I know from the court on the set of the tv show we recently created. Teamwork is one of the biggest keys throughout this program as much as trust. Honestly, if I could do it all over again I would. With the help from my teammates, and directors, I have a vision where to go from here, and how to plan my future. Journalism would be a major I would definitely take up in college when I make it to that step, and see where I go from there. Thank You Dr.Upshaw, Ms.Yisrael, Mr.Jay, and Ms.Laveta for making this experience possible.

    – Jerrodte Shelby