“Halt The Violence” with a $1 for LUV

Our endeavor is to save as many young lives as we can from violence in the streets; your act of kindness can be the difference between a mother who smiles and one who weeps.

It is not enough to watch the news and shake our heads at the tragic stories of lives lost: prevention is possible but it comes at a cost.

Equipping youth with skills to get a job is key, and LUV programs provide them with this opportunity.

Just take a minute and click away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to make a donation, and then pass the link along to all of your friends, and let it spread across the nation.

Together we can do this little by little each day; our young people have to know tomorrow will be a better day.

LUV Institute Partners with After School Matters

The Love, Unity & Values (LUV) Institute has partnered with After School Matters (ASM) to develop an after school program entitled the “Journey To My Better Self” Media Empowerment Program. Working in partnership with ASM, students create and publish an online magazine and produce their own television show using the moniker Strong, Wise, and Young (SWAY-TV). Additionally, classroom discussions, career interest workshops, field trips, interviews with career professionals illuminate the students’ experiences in starting their entrepreneurial ventures.

LUV Ambassador, Jason Parks, Becomes the Face of City Colleges of Chicago

Jason Parks, a graduate of our College Empowerment Program and a current LUV Institute Ambassador, is featured as a spokesperson for City Colleges of Chicago. He is currently studying Computer Science at DePaul University.

LUV Institute Implements the Faye H. Nazon Scholarship Fund

The Love, Unity & Values Institute celebrates the life of Faye H. Nazon by establishing this scholarship fund. Ms. Nazon taught etiquette classes, supervised summer programs, and was the inspiration for our Wreath of LUV program. She brought a spirit of excellence to our work which will serve as a guiding force in the days to come. We will miss her but will continue to celebrate her legacy through the work she loved.

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Wreaths of LUV Employ Teens for the Holidays

For the last four years, LUV Institute has employed nearly 50 youth in Bronzeville during the holiday season, while stimulating creativity and teaching basic business principles. Facilitated in partnership with the Chicago Park District in 2016, the program was housed at Kennicott Park and LUV’s offices. On Black Friday, students decorated 38-inch live wreaths with handmade bows and large ornaments. Once finished, the installers hung the wreaths along Cottage Grove Avenue, 47th Street, and Martin Luther King Drive and added a candy cane stripe down the poles.

Managed by Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC), Special Service Areas (SSA) 47 and 56 awarded LUV Institute a contract for holiday decorations for the light and pedestrian poles in Bronzeville. This allowed LUV Institute to expand its winter jobs program and provide a stipend to 20 young people ages 14 to 16 during the holiday season. LUV Institute is looking to expand its winter jobs program in 2017 to work with more SSAs across the city to provide increased opportunities to young people.

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