Business and Entrepreneurship concept

The Journey to My Better Self Entrepreneurship Program (J2MBS-EP) is a program for youth and young adults, ages 16 to 24, interested in entrepreneurship. The program helps them learn career development and explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Through role-playing, modeling, reflective exercises and small group discussions, participants learn how to put into action and practice life-enhancing skills that can help them create the type of life that they desire and dream of. Students will create a product that will be sold in popup stores and kiosks. With a focus on literacy through writing, a comprehensive learning program has been designed to encourage students to ask questions, read and develop meaningful ways to research answers, and increase their capacity to communicate their findings. For the last two years, J2MBS-EP students have created live Christmas wreaths, which they source, market, manufacture and sell. Called Wreaths of LUV, students operate pop-up stores and kiosks to introduce their wreaths to the public. Their wreaths were sold in Macy’s on State Street and have adorned light posts in the Woodlawn, Washington Park and Kenwood neighborhoods.

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