college students walking

The Journey to My Better Self College Empowerment Program (J2MBS-CEP) inventory’s a student’s natural talent by helping to identify an academic focus, high-skilled occupations related to that focus and internship opportunities that would best fit each participant. The program prepares first generation, college students with the skills needed to increase their academics, build a relationship with their professors, to join study groups, to participate in campus activities and network with alumni. Finally, we pair freshmen with mentors who are already advanced in their areas of interest to help guide students through feelings of estrangement, academic gaps and opportunities so that students are able to focus on completing college and finding a sustainable career when they graduate. In addition, an online system allows each participant to access resources, mentoring, coaching and ongoing support to help them complete college. The evaluation criteria includes: program attendance, knowledge gains, increased grades, achievement tests, improved attitude and motivation towards college and improved critical thinking skills. At the completion of the program, participants will have the skill-set, knowledge, and experience to better prepare them for today’s workforce.