“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”

Jerzy Kosinski

teenage girl drawing on a wall canvas

The Journey to My Better Self Artistic Expression Program (J2MBS-ArtEP) helps academically and economically challenged students manage their emotions, interpret self and navigate their social environment by translating their experiences into a mixed media mosaic.

antique design

Using restorative practice (Circle Processes) to facilitate role-playing, modeling, reflective exercises and small group discussions, the mosaic provides extended participatory learning which engages students with the help of accomplished artists and educators.

The program is designed to provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience that will prepare students to be able to apply learning skills across academic disciplines, recognize and investigate problems, express and interpret information through visual arts, learn to work individually and as part of a group and make connections with how visual arts reflect history, culture, society and everyday life. This program culminates with the creation of a group mosaic which represents student values, ideas and creativity.