Girl Students Wearing School Uniforms

The Journey to My Better Self After-School Empowerment Program (J2MBS-AEP) is an innovative after-school program for elementary and middle school students, which focuses on basic literacy, artistic expression and wellness (LAW). All of the evidence-based strategies implemented are specifically designed to promote improved academic achievement; encourage the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyles; provide conflict resolution and team building strategies; develop partnerships with parents and families to strengthen community involvement; foster artistic expression and cultural enrichment; and empower students to be productive citizens and community leaders through service and mentorship. Through role-playing, modeling, reflective exercises and small group discussions, participants learn how to put into action and practice life-enhancing skills that can help them create the type of life that they desire and dream of. Students will create a mosaic or art structure that will reflect the legacy of the school values and vision for the future. With a focus on literacy through writing, a comprehensive learning program has been designed to encourage students to ask questions, read and develop meaningful ways to research answers, and increase their capacity to communicate their findings.